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We are the internet's specialist in garden fire. Choose from our range of fire pit tables, gas fire pits, and masonry barbecues to add some real flare to your garden

About Us

Gardenitems Ltd Storefront

Gardenitems Ltd has evolved from its first accessories web site, founded In October 2002 proceeding a 2 year development phase. The vision of its founders was perfectly clear…

” We want to offer mail order garden accessories engendering design, style and innovation. Our customers will value us because we will always be quick to bring quality products to the market which follow this principle. We are also very specific about the category of products we will be retailing, and thus we must clarify what we mean by the term “accessories retailer”. Accessories do not include utensils or machinery, so there will be no forks, spades or garden tractors making their way in to the portfolio. In this business accessories are products which, in some way, enhance the aesthetic appeal of the home or garden environment “

After two years of extensive growth gardenitems Ltd announced it’s expansion in to home accessories in September 2004, with the launch of its internet storefront, Using the same business model as Gardenitems, Homeitems is expected to become a strong brand for innovative home accessories

Product Traits Model

When developing our product portfolio we look for accessories which innovate through quality, style, technology and/or design. In most cases these attributes are interdependent, but products must display innovation in at least one attribute to be considered for the Gardenitems Ltd portfolio.

Proud To Be An Internet Retailer

We are not a multi-channel marketer of our products, as we believe that retailing solely from the internet offers us the following advantages 1) Our low marketing costs enables us to offer competitive prices to our customers 2) We are able to introduce and market new products at short notice. Using print media marketing would create data redundancy issues and hinder our reputation for being one of the first retailers to feature a new product. 3) The internet allows our customers to receive a greater depth of information about our products as compared to print advertising. In turn, this means our customers make better buying decisions and experience greater product satisfaction as a result

Our extensive range of products are supplied from distribution centres throughout mainland UK:

Chard (Somerset), Didcot (Oxfordshire), Whitby (Yorkshire), Chesterfield (Derbyshire), Redditch (Worcestershire), Brighouse (West Yorkshire), Sandycroft (Deeside), Marske (Cleveland), and Doncaster (South Yorkshire)


Web Site Infrastructure

Our internet storefronts have been designed to be as non-exclusive as possible. Navigation is structured traditionally and cleanly for those new to the internet, and our quick page download times enable almost seamless navigation for even 56k modems. We endeavour to provide extensive information about each product to empower our customers to make the right buying decisions. On the whole we aim to make the buying experience simple and free from frustration

Simple navigation

Provision of as much product information as possible

Cross browser compatibility


> Customer responsiveness

> Learning

> Continuous improvement

> Supplier relationships

> To use technology to increase customer satisfaction and create a lower cost structure


Not necessarily to be the biggest mail order retailer of garden accessories, but to be the best at customer responsiveness at both sales and after sales ends. With this focus the bottom line will follow

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