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We are the internet's specialist in garden fire. Choose from our range of fire pit tables, gas fire pits, and masonry barbecues to add some real flare to your garden


13/04/07 – GARDENITEMS TAKES A FIRM STANCE ON TEAK – gardenitems Ltd, trading under the and internet storefronts, today made a formal statement on its policies employed in sourcing teak garden furniture. Gardenitems’ core statement is “we only invest in suppliers who source from purpose-grown plantations, and countries that do not have an incumbent government that we deem oppressive to its people; to this end we have already warned suppliers that we are unable to market products originating from Burma”


15/01/07 – IDEAL FRIDGE IS “FANTASTIC” ACCORDING TO RAC MAGAZINE – gardenitems Ltd will be making an unexpected appearance at the RAC show in February of this year. The RAC show is hosted by Refrigeration And Air Conditioning Magazine, and is the largest trade show of its type. Gardenitems’ complimentary invitation has come by way of its exclusive outdoor party fridge, marketed under the Ideal brand, and will be on show in the “Fantastic Fridges” arena from 24th – 26th February inclusive


01/09/04 – GARDENITEMS LTD TO EXPAND IN TO HOME ITEMS – gardenitems Ltd is to expand in to the home accessories market with the launch of this September. The new storefront is to be based on the Gardenitems business model, offering only accessories which innovate through quality, style, technology and/or design


20/08/04 – NEW WEBSITE INTERFACE LAUNCHED – gardenitems Ltd has today re-launched its web catalogue. The site’s improvements have been to the look/feel and navigation, making the layout of information cleaner and more geared to the expectations of entry level internet users. Gardenitems will continue to strive for a fast and simple interface which offers comprehensive product information


01/03/04 – GARDENITEMS LTD REVEALS THE NEW 2004 PORTFOLIO – gardenitems Ltd today revealed an exciting expansion to its portfolio of innovative garden products for the 2004 season. The range now includes stainless steel and copper water features, professional level solar fountain kits, and a new range of chic fire pits. This is to name just a few of the new ranges on offer, although the Gardenitems ethic remains firm in featuring only products which demonstrate some type of innovation and difference


30/11/03 – FIRST YEAR PROFITS FOR GARDEN ITEMS LTD – internet garden products retailer,, today announced modest first year profits to the financial year ending 31st October. This is unprecedented news for the garden accessories retailer, attributing its success to its technology focus and a product portfolio which has expanded more quickly than expected


10/11/03 – HOTSPOT MANUFACTURE EXCLUSIVELY FOR GARDENITEMS LTD – proceeding the recent success of Gardenitems in retailing Hotspot designer garden accessories, the manufacturer has today accepted a proposal to manufacture an exclusive patio heater for its leading internet retailer. The Hotspot G-tech will have an exceptionally powerful 14kw head, the patented spiral base, and will be regarded as a superior heater to its premier evolution 9kw series


31/10/03 – HOTSPOT REVEAL THAT GARDENITEMS LTD IS A LEADING WEB RETAILER FOR 2003 – at the closing end of the garden products season, Hotspot today disclosed that Gardenitems Ltd was one of a select few leading internet retailers (by sales volume) for the year. Hotspot manufactures outdoor lifestyle products at the forefront of design, including hotspot patio heaters and the spun iron deck grill range. This is yet more good news for Gardenitems Ltd, who received recent supplier indications that they were the largest solar water features web retailer


01/08/03 – SUPPLIER INDICATIONS SHOW THAT GARDENITEMS LTD IS THE UK’S NUMBER 1 SOLAR WATER FEATURE WEB-RETAILER – 2003 has been “the year for solar” according to Daniel McLardy, Managing Director of Gardenitems Ltd. The solar range of garden lights and pond fountains have proved vital in driving income for the company, based in Stowmarket, Suffolk. “The solar range has been a terrific success, and stands for the type of innovation we want to include in the Gardenitems portfolio. Our solar water features have done exceptionally well this year, and our supplier feedback suggests that we are the No 1 web retailer of solar water features for the year to date “

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